Weaning Bean Gallery

I started this page, also known as the weaning diaries, to inspire others, and to visually document the progress made. Sometimes it feels as though we parents are making very little progress when we start weaning. I am sure most of us worry our little Beans are not consuming enough nutrients or calories. I did. Constantly.

At about 8 months, I was told Bean was underweight, having dropped six percentile points on his growth chart. I despaired. Even though I knew he was receiving plenty of healthy nourishing food, I convinced myself I was doing something wrong. The health visitor presented me with a booklet of meals. From portion sizes, to meal time ideas. I appreciate it was more of a guideline, but when I reflect on that meeting 2 months on, I realise that the food I prepare is likely far healthier and better for Mr.Bean, than those pictured. One meal plan involved jelly and custard. I know these are guidelines, but for many who do not consider the sugar intake, the pictures will simply serve to be extremely unhelpful. The health visitor emphasised the importance of Bean consuming calories. Whereas I agree, I also place a lot of emphasis on the nutritional value and origins of the food.  I absolutely love that we live in a country where healthcare is available, and we have such attentive ante and post natal care. But so far, on my weaning voyage, it is not the NHS I have turned to for nutritional advice for Bean, but rather books and websites.


We suspected early on that Bean was sensitive to dairy. It runs on his Dad’s side of the family. I cut it out of my diet when I was breastfeeding full-time and since weaning, he’s had minimal to no dairy. It wasn’t easy adjusting to his diary requirement, as I am not a vegan. But needs must, and so we persevered. It was much easier than I imagined, creating really tasty dairy-free food. In time I might start introducing dairy into his diet, but not just yet.