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    Emotional Brilliance is Lush

    EMOTIONAL Brilliance is Lush’s new make-up range. The hotly awaited addition is a  rainbow of colours. Creative and quirky, the range derives its inspiration from emotions, so spin the wheel to find the right shade for your mood. Curious, then read on…

    Were you one of the people who lamented the closure of their sister company, Be Never too Busy to Be Beautiful (BNTBTBB); the naturally inspired make-up that came in decadent pots, like this      and this  and this (SO gorgeous). Emotional Brilliance is, to some degree, here to fill your BNTBTBB hole although, without the beautiful packaging, humph.

    BNTBTBB was a make-up first and their shops were as opulent as their pots. BNTBTBB closed their doors in 2010, therefore, we  were naturally overjoyed to hear Lush had decided to expand their make-up range to include lots of colour.

    In July, Lush launched simple skin-toned colour pots.  Initially, the company introduced skin tints-to be worn as foundation or concealer – as well as translucent powers. The plant-based tints are said to be gentle on the skin. Lush have divided the ingredients into two categories: ‘natural ingredients’ and ‘safe synthetic’.

    What is perhaps the most talk about addition to the Lush make-up collection are the colours.

    Spin the ‘Emotional Brilliance Colour Wheel’ in store to find your emotions in colour!

    Each colour is represents an emotion, quality or aspiration, such as ‘ambition’ which is a bold red ‘charm’ which is a soft pink, or  ‘calm’ which is sky blue.  I was lucky enough to be sent these three samples and have been very impressed by the ease of application.

    The pots have their own fine-liner brush, but Lush also supplies us with thick brush too, best used when you are applying the colour as eye-shadow or cheek tint!

    Our favourite is ‘fantasy ‘ AKA liquid gold. It glitters, shimmers and will add a sultry edge to your look.

    Lush have excellent tips on applying make-up on their website.

    emotional Brilliance is :   and     and 

    which means guilty-free beauty:)