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Fed by Water, food review

Today I visited Fed by Water after happening upon it on my way back from my first visit to the pop-up Bulk Market on the Kingsland Road.

As part of their healthy outlook all customers are offered complimentary purified water

The idea of healthy, mindful plant-based Italian cuisine struck me as innovative. I’m accustomed to the concept of vegan curries: Thai, Indian and Vietnamese, as well as vegan junk food, such as American style burgers and have tried plant-based hot-dogs. But, this was the first time I discovered vegan Italian food. It sounded comforting and when I looked at their Instagram account, the dishes pictured looked so tempting we went there for lunch today.

Italian food has long been a staple in the UK and often referenced as the UK’s ‘favourite’ cuisine-and I get why, it’s very homely and moorish. Giving up dairy, one can sometimes feel a bit cut-off from this form of cooking: creamy and rich dishes such as risotto or tagliatelle (NB: I’m a terrible cook so cannot stretch to creamy vegan pasta sauces, yet). The buttery richness makes it the ideal comfort food. That’s why, when I noticed Fed by Water I thought, “will it fill this longing for creamy comfort food I have been craving…?”

Well, we were not disappointed!Read on to find out more…

The menu was quite extensive, a double sided A3, with more specials on the boards. Initially, I felt a little overwhelmed by the repetition of tofu on seemingly all their dishes. I’m not a massive fan of tofu unless it’s be deep fried (#nomnom), then I like it. The starters were largely bread based, which I felt would be too heavy to start as we were planning try one pizza and one risotto or pizza main, so opted just for two mains.

I wonder what method of purification they use ?

The Pizza: PC Sempre Verde (rocket, capers,  black olives, cashew mozzarella and tomatoe base on activated charcoal dough).

The pizza base was BLACK  as it was made with activated charcoal which is known for its detoxifying properties. It looked and tasted just stunning- I am not exaggerating when I say it is possibly the best pizza I have ever had, this includes the time before I cut out dairy. The combination of flavours was awesome and apart from a hefty scattering of smoked tofu (I would have preferred more olives and capers) the pizza was truly delicious. The cashew based mozzarella was unlike any vegan cheese I’ve had before in the BEST way possible and the tomatoe base was rich with lots and lots and flavour. I reserve all the praise for this amazing black pizza.

I am not exaggerating when I say it is possibly the best pizza I have ever had

The Risotto: Risotto di mare (super garluc charged rissotto with sampire and pistachios)

Again, the risotto was black and came with a samphire  garnish. The rice was al dente and the overall flavour was intensly garlicy, so if you’re no lover of garlic, then perhaps avoid ordering the rissotto. Luckily we love garlic. Again this dish was everything I anticipated: it was creamy, comforting and just really tasty.

The portions are really generous, which meant we actually ended up bringing the left overs home. And luckily Fed with Water use compostable packaging ✌.

Desert: Raw Tiramisu

We finished off the meal with the classic Italian desert,  tiramisu.  Unfortunately it just lacked depth of flavour  and had the cream had a peculiar texture.  It’s a pity as the rest of the meal was EPIC.

Drinks: Freshly pressed juice

To drink we had freshly pressed  orange juice as we have been feeling the Autumn vibes around here at the moment. It was delicious and came with an air-dried slice of orange!

Free H20: Fed offer all their patrons complimentary & purified still or SPARKLING (woop woop) water, which is a bonus!

Would I return? Yup in a FLASH! Next time I think I’ll try their cabonara or lasagna or… so many tempting options…

One thing I will say though is, it is a bit on the pricey side, at last for me and for a Monday lunch! It is not a cheap lunch destination, so perhaps save it for special occasion. For example, a main is £12+ and there’s a service charge of £4.75 which I thought was quite high- luckily it’s optional, so you can choose to leave your own tip. ? That said, sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra for amazing plant-based food such as this.

Final word: I would happily take a vegan food cynic to Fed by Water as the food is as delicious as any Italian restaurant around.


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