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Holiday Cottages

Life can go on standstill when we go on holiday. You might be inclined to switch off the wifi, disconnect yourself from everyday life and retreat into the simple things life has to offer for the duration, especially if you’re immersed in the countryside. And this much I get and wholeheartedly encourage as surely holidays are all about switching off…but: that doesn’t mean we should forget about the environment in the process!

This year I have stayed in three rural cottages and NONE have provided the facilities to recycle our packaging or food waste- the latter I found  especially shocking as all three holiday cottages had large gardens, which would have made composting food waste really simple.

I am currently in another such cottage where there is only a general waste bin. We live in an age that has surely taught us that there isn’t anything such as general waste anymore. Waste is categorized and disposed of responsibly these days, and while I am not trying to shift the burden of responsibility to the rural folk, I would have expected those living in the rural areas would have EVEN more inclination to protect our beautiful green spaces that those of us who might be more inclined to live in denial in the concrete jungles.

Either way, the principles of recycling cannot be denied by or to holidaymakers and therefore, the facilities need to be extended to holidaymakers so they can practically dispose of waste.

We are holidaymakers relaxing, disconnecting etc etc, but we aren’t disconnecting from our determination to keep our planet in good nick, and do our level best. As a result, we’ve had to find local recycle bins a short walk down the road, and this is great that it’s there, but I do wonder:

  1. how many other holidaymakers staying in this cottage would do this?
  2. Why the holiday cottage industry cannot create a mandate to follow that requires all holiday makers to holiday responsibly?

Just because w’re on holiday doesn’t mean we enter a state of denial- we are relaxing while recycling! IN fact, recycling makes me feel better- not being able to would really interrupt my holiday!!


I wrote to Organic Cottages UK to see what their stance was on this matter, here’s what they replied:

Linda Moss response:-

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  1. I completely agree with you on this, we quite often stay in cottages and have holidayed in the uk for the last few years. Sometimes the more rural the setting the less options there has been for recycling. I guess its down to their local collections/councils. We stayed at an amazing one in Northumbria though that even took our food waste for their own compost bin!

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