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Compostable picnic sets

These days, there’s no shortage of ‘eco-friendly’ alternatives to plastic, and I truly believe that in time this will become the new normal. Just consider how commonplace plastic is at the moment (although thankfully it is very fast becoming the most demonised material in use today) I hold out hope for plastic alternatives to become the new go-to. And rightly so.

You may have noticed an increasing number of products entering the market that are made from a waste products such as sugarcane bagasse, rice husk, wheat straw and so on, all of which  are being turned into single-use or reusable ecological alternatives to plastic. All have required human ingenuity and passion to produce. Yet, what if there’s an even less interventionist solution out there that requires just some really strong palm leaves, a mould and a pair of scissors?

Well, this product already exists, and it really is the most natural approach to single-use; it’s eating from or drink from a leaf after all.

Areca leaves are huge and very strong. They fall naturally to the ground where they are then collected by the employees of the areca dinnerware factory. In the factory they’re moulded into cups, dipping pots, plates and bowls, to become a thing of use and beauty, before they can be returned back into the ground to be devoured by microbes only too happy to help it biodegrade.

Additionally, you can compliment the dinnerware set with bamboo straws (see above) or rye or wheat straws. I will be socking these in my shop but in the meantime, they’ll be available from  my etsy shop.


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