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What’s the buzz about Bamboo?

There has been a lot of noise surrounding bamboo in recent times. You might have noticed a swathe of bamboo products and brands popping up everywhere such as chopping boards, cutlery, Eco Coffee cups, baby dinnerware set and more, in mainstream and local independent shops. It’s even an ingredients in some cosmetics due to its high collagen /age defying properties and increasingly but more controversially in the form or socks and clothings. As a result bamboo has become a buzzword that seems to have become synonymous with the sustainable living and zero waste movement sweeping the world orchestrated by her green patrons as well as those keen to cash in on our fears about climate change. So let’s find out what all the buzz is all about…

Growing power:

Bamboo is championed as being the world’s ‘fastest growing plant’ meaning in the perfect conditions it can grow a notable amount -up to 3ft-in a 24 hour periods. Watch this timelapse video to see for yourself:

This growing power makes it unique and highly attractive to producers. 

Bamboo does not need pesticides or insecticides!

As bamboo contains its own unique and highly potent in-built antibacterial properties, it does not need insecticides to protect itself from potential threats nor does it require fertiliser for the soil- this comes from its own fallen leaves which are highly nutritional ✅♻. It is a hardy, self-reliant plant loved by environmentalists.  Insecticides and fertilisers contaminate crops and can deplete soil, this means if one less plant doesn’t  require these ‘pollutants’ it’s another reason to love bamboo and it’s win for our eco-system ⬇

Organic versus GM crops

Source: The Soil Association

CO2 absorption:

Bamboo absorbs an impressive amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (such as methane from intensive farming)! In fact bamboo can absorb 30% more carbon dioxide than hardwood trees making it far more effective as a plant in polluted places than other varieties of plants and trees. It can help to cool warmer cities that have produced a microclimate due to high levels of pollution. Is this an option in the UK- could we see more bamboo plantations in inner-cities in the future, to combat the high levels of pollution?  

Sustainable times ahead:

Bamboo is a genuinely  sustainable and viable alternative to plastic and other man-made materials that can take years (or never) breakdown. And in the case of plastic, they simply become smaller and smaller particles that are toxic and contaminate  everything around them.

As a result of so much information on our changing climate, global warming and the ecosystem, everyday individuals are acting in defiance of companies and governments that seem intent on ignoring the dangers posed by continuing to rely on fossil fuels, many of us are choosing to live more consciously. Opting for bamboo or other organic material is far better than choosing plastic. And these days the alternative are available. I even bought a bamboo potty.

To recap, here’s 11 reasons why bamboo is brilliant:

  1. Bamboo IS the fastest growing plant in the world, in the right conditions, can grow 3 ft in 24 hours
  2. Bamboo  releases 30% more oxygen
  3. Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants – excellent for dealing with greenhouse gases
  4. Bamboo can reach maturity within 1-5 years, unlike hardwood which takes 30-40 years
  5. Bamboo is a renewable source: when it’s cut, its roots will continue to grow new shoots!
  6. Bamboo is so sturdy it does not need any pesticides or fertiliser to grow. Instead bamboo derives its nutrients from its own fallen leaves
  7. Bamboo can prevent soil erosion in hardwood forests due to its amazing strength in its root system
  8. Bamboo is highly versatile and can grow in a range of environments and terrains although fares best in warm climates
  9. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial. It contains Bamboo Kun which is effective against 70% of bacteria that tries to grow on it, whether this is while it’s growing in soil or in fabric form- it’s efficacy doesn’t wane
  10. Bamboo is deodorising and as charcoal is able to filter harmful chemicals in water!!
  11. Because bamboo is naturally deodorising it’s increasingly popular material to produce shoe insoles, deodorant, sports clothing and other items that eliminate the need for chemical based deodorisers although the process has come under critisism for the process being deemed pollutant

In an age where the state of our planet’s ecosystem is more fragile than ever due to the irresponsible behaviour of corporations, governments, companies, and individuals, the power to vote through what we buy has never been more paramount. As consumers we vote by choosing the purchases that we do. Why do you buy Rainforest Alliance #bananas or Faur Trade tea?  We need to use this capacity to choose sustainable materials. As comsumers can use this power of influence to create a more sustainable world. 

People power versus the Govt
1 Million women quoting Leonardo Dicaprio


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