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Living Naturally Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Mask (No-Poo 3)

No-Poo has been really tough…

Much tougher than I could have anticipated. I mean not washing your hair sounds like a challenge, but I would never have expected it to make my hair look so lank and greasy (that even a homemade arrowroot and cocoa dry shampoo could not rescue) I started to feel a bit lank and greasy on the inside too:(! Coupled with the daily aches of being a Mamma to a super busy toddler, that something had to give.  I know if no-poo worked for you, you are probably thinking, “surely no-poo is a time-saver?” Yes, if it works! Otherwise you’re just trying to find inventive ways of disguising the grease and in my case for nearly 4-months.  

Is it just me, but when I am tired, no wait, exhausted, I just love and need to wash- this makes one feel much better about everything:  a lovely long, replenishing shower! I guess that I also craved running my hands through my hair without getting them caught on a knot! And also leaving it down- this is not a good look when your hair is clumped together with glue-like grease. 

Perhaps hair like mine: very, very thick, was never going to take to the no-poo experiment well or that it might just take a lot longer. I gave it my best shot and refrained from all soap-based products and used rye flour, followed by cider vinegar and lavender hair rinse and followed this with a lavender  water rinse. And at the end of the day, there are so many natural options to choose from anyway, right? The lure and promise of clean hair for the rest of my life, without ever needing to wash it is still tugging at me (have I slightly exaggerated/romanticised the no-poo in my head, with visions of waking and giving my hair a shake and off I go?!) but that said, I may try again…

Besides, my hair showed no signs of adapting to cleaning itself at all. And I waited for over 3-months, and this just feels like a very long period of time when you’re waiting for a miracle to happen. I read it should take 6-weeks for your hair to learn to clean itself, so  I had long surpassed this point and felt and looked poo! Anyhoo, no-poo does not mean a return to nasty and plastic packaged shampoos, I am still actively avoiding both the nasties like SLS and the packaging. So with this in mind, I turned again to the lovely Insta-discovery shop,  Living Naturally Soaps (aka

Who are Living Naturally?

Living Naturally are based in the UK and produce among other things, a lovely range of handmade soaps and shampoo bars that come in a cotton bag. Mindful of avoiding wasteful packaging  and inspired by nature to create products that can be used by those suffering with eczema and psoriasis, their products are proof that we can place our trust in nature. And thank goodness for companies like this one!

As part of their hair care range Living Naturally offer an Ayurvedic Herbal hair mask that contains an eclectic mix of ground ingredients that combine to give your hair the waw factor- I am very happy I ordered this little pot of wonder. The mask contains: amla, shikaki, Maka, brahmi, neem, tulsi, and organic hibiscus.

The hair mask comes in a cute little tin pot (below) and you simply blend equal parts powder to water to use either as a mask, which is left on for minimum 10-mins or a shampoo. If  you’ve ever used Henna on your hair, it has a similar consistency but I assure you, it it much easier to rinse off.

Clarifying herbal hair mask inspired by Ayurveda
Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Mask

As a shampoo…

As you have the option of using the powder as a mask or shampoo, and I have tried it as both. I first used it the day it was delivered, last Saturday when I used it as a shampoo: made the paste, rubbed it into hair and scalp and rinsed it off. The results were perfect: my hair felt very clean, looked really healthy and it was unusually easy to brush. Given that my hair is prone to tangling, this impressed me.

Ayurveda: inspired by nature
Living Naturally Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Mask

As a hair mask…

This afternoon I decided to use it as a mask. I mixed it up, smothered all over my hair and left it for nearly 1 hour! (Bean is asleep so I caught up on some I-Player and pottered for a bit-a rare treat!). The results of leaving it on mean my hair is even shinier compared to when I used it just as a shampoo. I gave it a very good rinse and even though I think there are a few grain remaining (the only tiny criticism I have) my hair feels absolutely lovely. Again, as though  it is a flower or plant, fed some highly nutritious feed! In case you’re unclear, I would definitely recommend this hair mask!

Next time…

One thing I didn’t order from Living Naturally was their conditioning hair rinse. I did worry that the hair mask alone might leave the ends of my hair feeling dry but happily, my hair felt incredible. In fact as though it had been conditioned meaning the mask has deep condition properties as well…Although I am probably going to make their herbal rinse my next purchase.

Final thoughts: 

Even though I have declared I have given up on the no-poo challenge for the time being, I used this hair mask on Saturday and it has kept my hair looking really clean/grease-free until today: that’s 5-whole-days!

I love a discovery that ticks all my favourite boxes:


-100% natural

-eco friendly

-non-plastic reusable or recyclable packaging

-cruely free


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