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Castell Carreg Cennen

While I predominantly use this platform to share ideas on sustainable living occasionally I like to share snippets of my family life and our days out.  And what better family day out is there than a visit to a very old Castle on the top of a mountain in Wales.

Castell Carreg Cennen has been one of my favourite places to visit for a long time. I think it is the combination of driving through the black mountains which is a beautiful experience in itself and then being the first person to spot the castle in the distance as you get closer.

I was not  that invested in history lessons when at school, perhaps they focused too heavily on Welsh chapels, workhouses, Welsh Not (which is quite a fascinating period of linguistic history and makes me proud to be a Welsh speaker) but overall didn’t take the subject very seriously or treat it with the interest and fascination I do now. I think if history lessons took place in castle’s like Carreg Cennen then as a subject it would be a lot more popular.

I have always loved visiting Castles and Castell Carreg Cennen is one I feel I will always revisit. Plus on my most recent visit on Easter Sunday we discovered they offer bottomless coffee, an American concept that is actually appreciated when you are parents to a curious and feisty toddler.

The car park at the bottom leads you to the cafe and shop, before you climb the steep but really easy walk up to the ruins. I love cafe’s and especially ones where everything on offer is homemade. The smells from the kitchen were divine. We had coffee, soup, sandwiches and lots of cakes were enjoyed. The only tiny qualm I have is that their menu was limited if you avoid dairy or are vegan:( (no dairy-free milk options either- but it’s OK I have become used to  black coffee).

The views from the top are just sublime: rolling hills, farms, sheep, lots and lots of sheep and as it’s Spring, lambs too. All shades of green, clouds changing from light blues to ominous greys and of course we experienced a few rain clouds bursting above is- when in Wales…

And although the Bean was determined to stay fixed in his poppoo on his father’s back, in the end it was probably the best place for him. The castle has some very steep steps and not really suitable for  a 20-month old to roam freely. Luckily, he seemed intent on being very lazy which gave us the chance to take in the views from the many vantage points.

You can explore the surrounding areas and there are longer walks you can do to reach the castle starting from nearby Trappe and Llandeilo if you want to integrate the castle into a walking expedition.  Both of these little communities are worth a visit, and I am told that Llandeilo has a brilliant Gin bar!

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