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Pottering and peace

Sometimes days spent doing ‘nothing’ but pottering: picking flowers, wandering around, eating avocados and drinking lots of your favourite teas are the most peaceful and turn out to be your favourite of all. This has been our Easter Monday, and while we accomplished two walks and visited a castle over the Easter weekend, I have enjoyed the slow, meditative pace of just being today.

Breakfast: avocados, chilli, lime and spinach cooked in garlic
On the Sunday we visited Castell Carreg Cennin

In fact, I think I appreciated it all the more because it started off quite catastrophically with three of us being knocked down again with a bout ¬†of diarrhea and vomiting. The three of us, Bean, my mum and myself were out for at least 36 hours but thankfully made a full recovery in time for Good Friday and the festivities that were ahead. (It’s really frustrating being ill ahead of a long awaited party or long national holiday isn’t it?)

The Bean loves to forage for flowers

Although there has been busyness and lots of food has been eaten and drinks drank, one of my favorite parts was this afternoon when the Bean and I simply walked up and down and an old canal picking flowers, looking at the trees, the berries, the flowers about to bloom and the splashes of colour everywhere. Then we arrived back at the house drank tea, played and felt very serene and calm, a feeling that lasted all day long.


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