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The bristle brush (part of the no-poo series)

Can a brush keep me on my no-poo journey? More than 8-weeks into my no-poo experiment (see no-poo review 1 and 2 for more info) and after experiencing peak greasiness a few weeks back (and admittedly close to throwing in the towel and repealing no-poo) I decided to research more about the process and ‘science’ behind it as I really want it to work with the promise of beautiful low maintenance hair spurring me on.

One tool I seemed to be reading about a lot on the numerous blogs and websites I turned to was the bristle brush. I gathered that we need to turn away from most or all things once deemed a normal haircare choices and instead adopt a more natural approach. And this includes looking at the type of brush you use. The bristle brush is the brush of choice for no-pooer’s it seems. 

So what is a bristle brush and why might it help someone who is trying to give up on shamPOO?

The body of a bristle brush is generally made of wood, and the bristle’s from stiff wild boar hair (does this mean they’re not vegetarian?).

While I am not sure if the following is evidence based, but as I agree with many of the points, I decided to include the following list taken from a Moroccan website discussing the benefits of using a bristle brush. The benefits for your hair include:

  1. Grows hair faster and prevents hair loss
  2. Conditions hair
  3. Adds shine (I concur, it really does)
  4. Cleans hair (Yup, if this means removing the dust, then I concur again)
  5. Prevents breakage and frizz (Yup, although it does make hair static too but this is short-lived)
  6. It’s a great styling too
  7. Balances your scalps oil (if this is true, then this hair brush it vital when conducting a no-poo experiment)
  8. Softens hair (I’d have to agree to this as well)

Source: Morrocco Method

I managed to buy my bristle brush in a local pharmacy here in Bristol and it’s  made of olive wood, in the process I managed to:

  • Support local
  • Invest in a natural and compostable product
  • That was minimally packaged*

*I have to add that while it was minimally packaged,  the information card was attached to the brush with a black plastic tag that was very difficult to remove 🙁 and in the process I managed to scratch the brush with the scissor.

A brush that ‘Clean’s’ hair:

Point number 4 above claims the brush ‘cleans’ your hair. I agree as it managed to dust and extract ‘bits’ that find their way into our hair. And I know this because the first time I used it, the brush was covered in dust even though I had rinsed my hair the night before.

I used it when there was a little shampoo bar residue remaining. After a few brushes over the course of the day, the residue was gone. This must have been down to the brush as I had not washed or added any product to it- not even my homemade dry shampoo.

I am now so convinced by this brush and the benefits it seems to bring my no-poo journey, that I am determined to stick with the experiment. I think all my life, or rather, since my teens, I have been treating my hair all wrong. Exposing it to plastic hair brushes and combs and over-thought, complicated man-made, synthetically produced shamPOO’s that have confused my scalp’s natural oils, making it demanding due to increasing its grease levels and drying it out due to overwashing. Not to mention all the other products and heat-exposure (straighteners, hair-dryers, curlers) that I have used.

A green life seems to be a simpler life too, as I keep discovering. I will still use my shampoo bar for now, follow this with lavender, but increasingly i think about the mantra, don’t put anything on your skin you wouldn’t put in your mouth and this no-poo journey has put my drive to natural living under a microscope and gradually, I hope to be as compostable in my human self as my bristle brush! (if you know what I mean!!)

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