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No-Poo review 2!

It has been nearly 4-weeks since my last update on the no-poo experiment. And I have to confess that it hasn’t been plain sailing- I had a mini-meltdown that lead to a halt:I sort of cheated, albeit with only a tiny amount of shamPOO.

You see, I travelled to London by train with Bean immediately after work about two Friday’s ago. On our way to West Acton I managed to get something sticky in my hair, then me and my hair got rained on (acid rain is never a good look) this meant that my -by now- already VERY greasy hair looked like clumpy rats tails. It didn’t help I was off to a farewell party the following evening and had planned to wear my hair up, but as I tried to rinse with plain water and a little rose geranium essential oil (the only one I had that had travelled with me to London) and saw this really didn’t help the state of my hair, so the following morning I reached for my friends shamPOO:( (I truly felt deflated at the time).

I can’t remember the make but she bought it from TK Maxx,  it said it was organic but I read it contained SLS! So I accept it as a fail.

You can’t pretend not to care when you do…

I also accept that no matter how hard you try, you can’t pretend not to care about certain things you just do care about- and I care about my hair, or more specifically how it looks at a party (vanity, all is vanity).

I can handle wearing it up and using the dry rye flour shampoo, this doesn’t bother me. But, when it is so dry combined with grease, sticky, rained on and not even a good rinse with water and rose geranium will do, I had to draw the line (the fact that there was a party definitely weakened my no-poo stance somewhat as well).

However to (over) compensate for this fail I then proceeded not to wash it for the 2-weeks that followed  and surprisingly I am happy to report that my shamPOOing doesn’t seem to have derailed the no-poo benefits too much because in this period only a small amount of grease appeared, that warranted only a few applications of the rye flour compared to the previous weeks ?.

When I finally gave it a no-poo wash…

When I finally washed it, I used my soap bar by Funky Soap that’s all natural and surely no-poo (or have I failed again?). I never use much. This is what I learnt the hard way when it comes to solid shampoo bars: you don’t need much or else you’ll be left with a residue that really wants to stay clinging to your hair.

So, after 2-weeks of not even rinsing my hair I used:

  • 1 funky soap solid shampoo bar- black walnut
  • Rinsed with cider vinegar, water and loads (about 10 drops) of lavender


Then, a proper game-changer, I invested in a bristle brush…
To be continued.

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