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Cafe W

I love Cafe W.

Cafe W is Waterstone’s cafe, in the centre of Bristol. It’s really chilled, has great food and family, kid and toddler friendly (look↓ it even has  a slide).


Since its hard to completely escape the need to go into your city centre (believe me I have tried), and if you do have toddlers and young people who need to vent a bit of their pram-cabin-fever frustration (fair do’s) I urge you to see whether your local Waterstone’s has their own family friendly retreat. It could be the difference between a good shopping trip and a bad one. And so far into motherhood, a bad one is the reason I hadn’t visited my own city centre for over 3-months!!

Bean exploring the books

Cafe W is perfect especially if it’s raining. OK my Bean inevitably still runs off and I have to chase him mid coffee sip, with a mouthful of their really yummy caramel slice (VG) but the slide, the dressing up box and the coloring in table might just keep them occupied long enough for you to sit down, gather your thoughts, enjoy your drink, eat some cake and reminisce about your favourite books from childhood. Which incidentally were all around me on our last visit.

Soya latter and a vegan caramel slice


I am sure there are others in the centre of Bristol that I have yet to discover. Perhaps I will check Foyles next time-am I stereotyping book shops?

But I think Cafe W is my fav. Their coffee is really great, and they serve bombay Railway chai which,  if you’ve not tried, is immense, as well as chocolate tea (omg). They offer at least one vegan cake, and have lots of gluten free options,  their kids menu is pretty good and it’s very reasonable-I never spend more than £7. 

And if you really wanted to (which did occur to me on my last visit) you could sneak in a cheeky slice of your favourite cake from Ahh Toots …but I implore you to try Cafe W’s drinks, their awesome.

***Plus they serve water from a canister where you can easily refill your flask, offer a flamboyant selection of loose teas and utilise minimal plastic.


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